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Stein, the board chairman, accused Carter of deliberately derailing the plan through inaction. Unfortunately, Ash for reasons of his own stopped this, he said in an interview. Peter Cook, a spokesman for Carter, said the Pentagon chief was busy dealing with a long list of national security challenges. He added that Work and other senior officials had already concluded that the report, while well-intentioned, had limited value. The fatal blow was struck in April. Just three months after Stein had been reappointed as board chairman, Carter replaced him with Michael Bayer, a business consultant who had previously served on the panel and clashed with Stein. Bayer declined to comment. A few weeks later, Klepper resigned from the board. The $125 billion savings plan was dead. In an interview, Tillotson, the Pentagons acting deputy chief management officer, called the boards recommendations too ambitious and aggressive. They, perhaps, underestimated the degree of difficulty we have in doing something that in the commercial sector would seem to be very easy to do. Yet he acknowledged that its overall strategy for scaling back the bureaucracy was sound and that, given more time, it would be possible to realize huge savings. If we had a longer timeline, yes, it would be a reasonable approach, he said. go to this siteYou might get there eventually. Frustration, however, persisted in some corners over the Pentagons unwillingness to tackle the inefficiency and waste documented by the study.

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She said the minister needed to answer how this life and death matter for women in Cork and surrounding areas is to be addressed. READ NEXT Commissioner details promotions and transfers in reshuffle Earlier this week, the Irish Examiner revealed that up to 20 consultants at CUMH had taken the unprecedented step of writing to the hospitals CEO, Tony McNamara, warning they would no longer take responsibility for women who suffered adverse outcomes as a result of excessive time on gynaecological waiting lists. The consultants have repeatedly warned hospital management of the need to invest in the service and have called for the opening of a second theatre to tackle surgery lists and for the appointment of four additional consultant gynaecologists. Fine Gael senator Jerry Buttimer said that if progress was not made at hospital level in tackling the crisis, there was a case for outside intervention. There is a need for all sides to come together to build a safe service for women, he said. If we need an independent facilitator, so be it. Peter Boylan, chair of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has called for CUMH to have its own governance framework and ring-fenced budget along the lines of the Mastership system that operates in the three Dublin maternity hospitals, where the master is a doctor responsible for running the hospital. In todays Irish Examiner, Dr Boylan says a CEO of a maternity hospital who is not a doctor can never have as good an understanding of the core business. The advantage of having a doctor as captain of the ship is that they are at the coal-face of obstetrics and gynaecology, he writes. They understand the core business of the hospital and can respond effectively to the clinical needs of pregnant women and women with gynaecological problems. A CEO who is not a doctor, no matter how well-intentioned, can never have as good an understanding of the core business. useful siteDr Boylan also warns that failures at management level now pose potentially very serious risks to the health of the women served by the hospital. There is a real possibility of cancers going undiagnosed as a result, he writes.

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